HYDROP Black and Capsule Black Superhydrophobic and oleophobic protection for leather

HYDROP Textile and HYDROP Capsule
The world's safest and most advanced proofing spray - Invisible, eco-friendly, 100% breathable, harmless, non-flammable and odourless.  
invisible protection of suede, nubuck and textile surface from moisture and liquids

HYDROP technology is based on the lotus effect, i.e. very high water repellence (superhydrophobicity), as exhibited by the leaves of the lotus flower. German scientist Wilhelm Barthlot discovered the phenomenal lotus properties in the 90s.

Our company’s technical director, researcher at the Moscow State University, has successfully refined and developed technologies mimicking the lotus effect.

HYDROP creates a layer of nanoparticles that has water‐repellent properties.

The invisible layer prevents any liquid from absorbing or staying; drops simply roll off the surface capturing particles of dust and dirt.



Deodorant-conditioner for clothes and shoes. Designed to give freshness to clothes, disinfect and eliminate wrinkles. So-called “liquid iron”.


Everyday, the clothing, furniture and footwear that we buy is exposed to the risk of dirt and damage, and the greatest hazard is from the weather and accidental spills that often occur when we eat and drink.

The classic example that springs to mind is the nightmare of red wine spilling onto a spotless cream carpet.
But imagine if the wine was unable to soak in and remained in beads on the surface, ready to be cleaned up without leaving a stain…. that’s the result of HYDROP.

By protecting your apparel and furnishings with HYDROP, you can enjoy the carefree lifestyle of knowing that your belongings will be shielded from damage, stay cleaner and look smarter for longer.

Effect on Clothing
Effect on Shoes